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Whole Home Air Purification Systems



Morris Environmental provides the latest technology of UV lighting systems and air purification systems to keep your home the healthiest it can possibly be. We offer class II medical devices that are covered by insurance and are tax deductible along with other air purification devices. When it comes to quality and performance, you want the best for your home or work place and that’s exactly what you get with the products Morris Environmental has to offer.


Air Purification UV Lighting
Air Purification UV Lighting Second Wind 2000 Series
Air Purification UV Lighting Second Wind 2124
Air Purification UV Lighting Second Wind 2414



Second Wind UV Air Purifiers are exactly what your home needs when it comes to quality and performance. These UV air purifiers are class II medical devices; therefore, if you are getting sick from poor air quality, your doctor can write you a prescription for one of our systems so that it will be covered by your insurance. You can also apply the cost to your taxes if your doctor prescribes one of our systems to you. The Second Wind UV Air Purifiers are installed directly into your HVAC system to kill all bacteria and molds in the air before they ever reach you. This provides you with the best indoor air quality for your home.

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My HomeBiotic uses the latest technology to provide the cleanest air and healthiest homes or work environments using probiotics. This revolutionary system delivers a cultured stream of probiotics directly into your living space or work space. While antibacterial cleaners and disinfectants kill mold and germs on contact surfaces, this system kills mold, fungus, allergens, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces continually by creating a microscopic barrier that prevents harmful pathogens from forming.

My HomeBiotic is FDA registered and 100% safe for indoor use. You just choose your interior space size to determine which system will benefit your living space or work space the best. Choosing the right sized system will ensure healthy indoor air quality.

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