Residential Mold Inspections – Why Inspect & Test for Indoor Mold

Residential Mold Inspections – Why Inspect & Test for Indoor Mold

Residential mold inspections are important for a number of reasons. Morris Environmental Inc. has performed thousands of residential mold inspections and mold tests throughout Georgia and Alabama. We get calls for a variety of concerns that need immediate attention. Therefore, we have compiled a list of our most common concerns for residential mold inspections. Each one shows why we are Atlanta’s most trusted source. They also show why mold inspections and testing is so important.

Why Inspect & Test for Indoor Mold – Residential Mold Inspections

Health Concerns

Residential Mold Inspections Health Concerns

By far, the most common call we get, is for health concerns. When unexplained sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and headaches occur, this is usually a mold issue. Furthermore, if toxic mold or a mycotoxin type mold is present, these allergic type symptoms only get worse. Not all people are allergic to mold or will have allergic reactions. However, for those who are, it can make daily life very uncomfortable as they suffer.

Visible Mold

Residential Mold Inspections Visible Growth

Residential mold inspections should definitely be performed any time you see visible microbial growth. The second most common reason we get calls is due to visible mold growth. Any type of mold growth within your home, on your furnishings, or your personal belongings should be tested. Before you create a bigger problem by trying to clean it yourself, find out what type of mold it is first. In order to keep you and your family safe, you should find out if it is toxic or a mycotoxin. Unfortunately, spraying and wiping down visible mold will only cause it to become airborne. Consequently, not having the proper machines to clean the air can cause health issues.

Moldy / Musty Smell

Residential Mold Inspections Moldy Musty Smells

All too often we get calls from someone saying they smell mold. However, they can’t see any mold. When you smell mold, it means you are actually smelling the VOC buildup. Due to the complex structure of VOC, we would need a chemistry class. However, just know that due to its volatile evaporation into the air, it is the VOC buildup that gives a mold smell.  Other things have also been known to leave a musty smell behind. In some cases, these smells may not be mold related. Therefore, it is important for testing to determine this.

Water Damage

Residential mold inspections Atlanta water damage

Water damage is the number one cause of microbial growth. We all have mold in our indoor environments, we just can’t see it. Mold only needs a large amount of water or moisture to grow in excess. That’s when we start to see it visibly growing on walls, cabinets, furniture, doors, clothes, shoes, etc. Furthermore, if water damage is not cleaned up within 24 to 48 hours, you could have a big mold problem. Mold will start to grow within 48 hours depending on the conditions. Therefore, always have water damage cleaned up immediately. Dry out the area with fans and dehumidifiers until it is completely dry. This can sometimes take three to five days depending on the extent of damage. Remove any building materials that cannot be dried such as engineered woods. And, insulation that is wet must be removed and replaced. In conclusion, when the job is done correctly, you won’t have to worry about mold.

Children / Elderly

Residential mold inspections Atlanta Children

When having children or an elderly person in the home, many people want to make sure their environment is safe. Therefore, they call Morris Environmental for air quality testing and residential mold inspections. These concerns of loving parents help protect their children and elderly loved ones from mold exposure. Mold exposure from toxic mold and mycotoxins can build up in your blood. Furthermore, these types of mold must be treated with very specific medications. Therefore, air quality testing will show exactly what you are being exposed to.

Legal Issues – Property Managers / Tenants

Residential mold inspections Atlanta legal issues

Unfortunately, we do get calls about legal issues all the time. Due to many factors in the laws, or lack thereof when it comes to mold, mold inspections are important. If there is ever any chance of legal actions against a property manager or tenant the mold inspection will help in court. Our lab test results and reports are your solid evidence to back up your claims. Without any professional documentation, it will only be your word against theirs.

Buying / Selling Real Estate

Residential mold inspections Buying / Selling Real Estate

Realtors, buyers and sellers call upon us weekly for our expertise. Real estate transactions are a huge commitment. Therefore, making sure the home you are buying or selling is mold free can give you a great peace of mind. Unfortunately, many times, we see investors covering mold without taking the proper remediation steps. Our air quality testing will uncover their cover up. It’s the only test you can’t paint over.

While there are many more needs for residential mold inspections, these are the most common calls we get. Find more mold related resources from our articles page.