How to Easily Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Remove Popcorn Ceiling – How to Easily Remove

Remove Popcorn Ceiling


Remove popcorn ceiling. Videos on how to easily remove popcorn ceiling may look neat and interesting; however, the reality is that popcorn ceiling removal could pose a huge danger to your health. The fact is that you can find videos and articles on how to remove popcorn ceiling all over the Internet. Popcorn ceilings were once a very popular interior decorating / painting technique used by builders and homeowners from the late 1950’s through the 1980’s. It’s very possible that the popcorn ceiling in our home contains asbestos.

In early formulations of popcorn ceiling that predated 1978, white asbestos fibers where used in the compound. The sprayed applications of popcorn ceilings that predated 1978 all contained asbestos. In many cases popcorn ceilings installed well into the late 1980’s also contained asbestos even though the Clean Air Act had already gone into effect in 1978. Therefore, it is impossible to determine if your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos or not just by date alone. Before you remove popcorn ceiling, you should have it tested for asbestos first.

Once the Clean Air Act went into effect in 1978, many suppliers and installers were still allowed to use popcorn ceiling compound that contained asbestos in order to minimize economic hardship to both suppliers and installers. Since they were exempt until those supplies ran out, you should never put your health at risk by assuming your popcorn ceiling is safe. Although you can easily remove popcorn ceiling, it is not worth the health risks that are associated with asbestos such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. It’s the tiny asbestos fibers that get in the air during the removal process that puts us at the biggest risk. When left in place, popcorn ceiling that contains asbestos will usually not pose a health risk. Have your popcorn ceiling tested first before you remove popcorn ceiling. If it does contain asbestos, you need a professional to abate it from your home.

Asbestos Lung Cancer Possible When You Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Lung cancer related asbestos is a very rare type of cancer that is the most common cause of cancer related death in the United States. Currently, there is an estimated 4,800 deaths each year that rare linked to lung cancer. Four percent of those are connected to asbestos lung cancer while ninety percent is directly linked to smoking.

In 1935 medical researchers first made the connection between asbestos exposure and lung cancer. It wasn’t until seven years later that a member of the National Cancer Institute confirmed that asbestos was a direct cause of lung cancer. In 1986, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration proclaimed lung cancer one of the biggest risks for those who worked with asbestos. Asbestos related lung cancer also takes several years to develop before you will show any signs or symptoms.

Mesothelioma Cancer Possible When You Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Most every patient that is diagnosed with this very aggressive cancer has come in contact with asbestos at some point. It commonly attacks both the lungs and abdomen. Studies have shown that breathing in even the most minuscule asbestos fibers can start a chain of physical and metabolic events that lead to several types of cancers and incurable breathing disorders. A medical update in 2011 explains that there is strengthened scientific evidence that no matter what the fiber length or size, asbestos is cancerous to humans.

Asbestosis Possible When You Remove Popcorn Ceiling

This chronic lung disease leads to long-term breathing complications which has no cure. There are six types of asbestos and all have been linked to asbestosis. When extended exposure occurs, an accumulation of fibers in the lung tissues can set the stage for long-term fibrosis. Since asbestosis is not a form of lung cancer, people can live with the disease for many years. However, their condition will only get worse over time and treatment will have to increase with age. Asbestosis is a disease that requires specialty care, which goes to show that no form of asbestos is safe to remove popcorn ceiling without first testing it.

When you are ready to have your popcorn ceiling tested for asbestos, call Morris Environmental at 770-546-3998 or schedule an appointment online.