Residential Mold Inspections without testing:

$150 includes a full property inspection, report and estimate for mold remediation.


Pricing is subject to change, pending location.

Residential Mold & Air Quality Testing: $300 includes a full property inspection,  2 air quality tests, inspector report and lab results from our independent laboratory. Additional samples are $75 if needed. Results available within 24 to 48 hours.

Commercial Mold & Air Quality Testing: $500 includes a full property inspection, 4 air quality tests, inspector report and lab results from our independent laboratory. Additional samples are $75 if needed. Results available with 24 to 48 hours.

How Mold Inspections and Testing Work

Each inspection and test includes a full property inspection. We have moisture meters available if needed to identify hidden moisture where microbial spores are known to grow.

We inspect each room, under sinks, in cabinets, in closets, behind doors, under stairs, around doors and windows, in utility rooms, in basements, and anywhere else mold likes to grow. Attics and crawlspaces are inspected if the inspector finds indicators of a possible mold problem or if specifically requested to inspect.

After the inspection, the inspector will suggest a location to test. If the client agrees the inspector will test this specific location. If other areas are suggested the client may accept or decline additional testing at any time. In many cases, additional testing is not needed. The client may also make their own suggestions as to where the test should take place.

Our air quality tests will give you the results you need by showing you exactly what types of mold are in your home and how high the levels are. If the microbial levels are too high for good air quality and healthy indoor living, our inspector will notate these specific details in their report. And, our inspectors are always available for any questions and concerns you may have about your inspection and test results.

We offer a price match guarantee. If you see a lower advertised price. Let us know and we will match it…guaranteed!

air test

Air Samples (Air Quality Test) – This method of mold testing collects air in your home through an air pump into a spore trap. We use the most up-to-date M5 cassettes to collect air. Please note that every home and place of business will have some microbial growth found. However, it is the levels of mold found that we are concerned with and that will determine if your indoor air quality is healthy, or if it is putting your health at risk. We also use a control sample to base our results from.

mold swab 2

Surface Samples (Swab & Tape Lift Sample) – This method of mold testing is used for sampling on any visual growth or suspected microbial growth. This will determine if the growth is truly mold and what type of mold it is. However, this method of sampling will not determine airborne levels within your indoor air quality and cannot be used to determine if your health is at risk from airborne contaminants.

mold tape lift 2

Cavity Samples – Cavity samples are another method of mold testing that can also be taken when a wall shows visible signs of water damage or very high moisture content. A small hole is put in the wall to insert the tube to collect the air behind the wall. This method is used to determine future mold issues that will arise from water damage.

Testing for Toxic Mold – Toxic Mold Exposure

Do you think you have been exposed to toxic mold? Our mold tests / air quality tests can show you exactly what types of mold from the hundreds of thousands of mold types you are being exposed to. Mold is a common growth that can be found everywhere we breathe air. It is the high and extreme levels of mold that affect our health and breathing quality. When the mold spores inside our home become greater than those of the outside, or they are toxic, we can start to feel the health issues that are associated with mold exposure. Mold exposure symptoms can range from slight allergies to severe lung issues and even psychological issues such as bipolar II, anxiety, addiction, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, panic disorder, schizoid syndrome, OCD, neuropathy and paranoia.

Some people will also experience odd effects of toxic mold exposure including fibromyalgia, blurred vision, high blood pressure, slurred speech, skin rashes, joint swelling, swollen gums, confusion and much more. Depression and chronic fatigue are the two most common complaints from those who have been exposed to toxic mold.

If you think you are being exposed to mold, get your home tested through air samples. It’s the first and most important step to finding out what is causing your health problems. Our certified mold inspectors and testers can determine if you are truly being exposed to mold, which types of mold and the mold spore levels. Don’t put your health or your family’s health at risk any longer. Call today to schedule an appointment.