Basement waterproofing Exterior Waterproofing Atlanta GA
Basement waterproofing Atlanta GA is our specialty. You will find many articles and theories on how basement waterproofing can be done. Depending on your basement space, layout, your budget, and if you’re looking for a permanent fix or a temporary fix, there’s a few options to choose from. The two […]

Basement Waterproofing Atlanta GA

Water Damage
The Fast Affects of Water Damage to Residential & Commercial Properties When it comes to water damage, there’s no such thing as small damage. Most water contains bacteria and it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to start growing; therefore, mold can grow quickly after water damage. Water […]

Water Damage: The Fast Affects to Residential & Commercial Properties

Dangerous health effects of mold exposure
Dangerous Health Effects of Mold Exposure You Need to Know The many Dangerous Health Effects of Mold Exposure are important to know to keep you and your family healthy inside your home. As mold experts, Morris Environmental sees the horrible health effects that many molds can cause. Toxic molds and […]

Dangerous Health Effects of Mold Exposure You Need to Know

Asbestos clearance testing with onsite analysis via mobile lab
Asbestos awareness week is now upon us with highlights of risks from Asbestos Exposure in the state of Georgia. Due to the lack of asbestos regulations, many Georgia citizens have put themselves at risk without even knowing it. Thanks to Asbestos Awareness Week, some of 11 Alive Investigators have uncovered […]

Asbestos Awareness Week Highlights Risk of Asbestos Exposure in Georgia

Selling a Home with Mold Growth in Basement
Selling a home with mold growth can lead to potential problems. This week alone, we have already had three calls from sellers with this very issue. Two were from callers selling a home with mold growth in their crawl space. And one was from a caller selling a home with […]

Selling a Home with Mold Growth Potential Problems