Mold Testing & Asbestos Testing

Mold Testing & Mold Inspections

Morris Environmental provides both mold testing and mold inspections. When you need air quality testing, surface sampling, or post remediation testing, we have you covered. We are Atlanta’s most trusted mold testing and inspections company.

Our fast, convenient, and friendly services offer quick turn-around. Therefore, in most cases, you get your test results back within 24 to 48 hours. Your test results also come with a full report from the inspector who did your inspection. They will explain your results and make recommendations as needed.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Why settle for a general mold test when you have multiple tests each year through our air quality monitoring program? The air quality monitoring program by Morris Environmental offers you that extra peace of mind that your home is mold free, year-round. We come back multiple times throughout the year for testing, moisture and humidity readings, HVAC mold check, and a visual inspection.


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How Mold Testing and Inspections Work

Each inspection and test includes a full property inspection. We have moisture meters available if needed to identify hidden moisture where microbial spores are known to grow.

We inspect each room, under sinks, in cabinets, in closets, behind doors, under stairs, around doors and windows, in utility rooms, in basements, and anywhere else mold likes to grow. Attics and crawlspaces are inspected if the inspector finds indicators of a possible mold problem or if specifically requested to inspect.

After the inspection, the inspector will suggest a location to test. If the client agrees the inspector will test this specific location. If other areas are suggested the client may accept or decline additional testing at any time. In many cases, additional testing is not needed. The client may also make their own suggestions as to where they would like mold testing to take place.

Our air quality tests will give you the results you need by showing you exactly what types of mold are in your home and how high the levels are. If the microbial levels are too high for good air quality and healthy indoor living, our inspector will notate these specific details in their report. And, our inspectors are always available for any questions and concerns you may have about your inspection and test results.

We offer a price match guarantee. If you see a lower advertised price. Let us know and we will match it…guaranteed!

Asbestos Testing


Morris Environmental provides PCM Air Testing and Onsite Analysis (NIOSH 582) via our mobile lab.