My Landlord Won’t Cleanup Mold Problem

My Landlord Won’t Cleanup Mold Problem

Atlanta mold testing landlord wont fix problem My landlord won’t cleanup mold problem. Mold testing is needed. So many times we hear this exact line. In most cases this is because there is a dispute between the tenant and the landlord over rent payment or property damage. We have both parties coming to us for help to resolve their mold issue by proving one side of the party wrong or for help to get advice on how to cleanup the mold. No matter what the case might be, we tell our clients the same thing. If you are feuding with your landlord or tenant, you need to check with an attorney for specific state laws that would help your particular situation. Seeking the advice of an attorney will help you avoid penalties.

Even when you seek the advice of attorney, you will probably still need the services of Morris Environmental Inc. for your mold testing and inspection needs. Our mold testing services can be used to help people who find themselves in a dispute with a landlord or tenant. We provide unbiased mold testing that will help you start immediate action.

When a tenant contacts us it’s usually them claiming there is a mold problem that the landlord won’t fix or cleanup. The landlord will dispute these claims in most cases. It is cases like this where an unbiased mold inspection and test can help. An unbiased test is performed and the samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis. These results are the concrete evidence that is needed to get to the bottom of a mold problem dispute.

A mold test from a professional mold testing and inspection company can help give both tenant and landlord a peace-of-mind. Either the tenant will have to stop their claims or the landlord will be forced to cleanup and fix the mold problem. This advice should be discussed with your attorney to make sure you have what you need to solve your situation. While we don’t offer legal advice, we can recommend that you correspond via email with your landlord so you have visible proof of everything that was said from beginning to end.

Send your landlord an email telling them about your mold testing concerns. You can ask them to pay for the mold testing or you can ask them to take the costs off your rent. If the landlord does not agree to the test, you should pay for it yourself and see about getting reimbursed later. When you get your mold testing results, you should email your landlord again with the results. If the landlord does not want to do anything about the problem, you will have the emails to show your attorney. In most cases, the landlord will go ahead and fix the problem if you have proof there is mold from your mold testing report. So, in many cases, paying for the mold testing yourself can be very beneficial.

legal issues concerning moldThere are some cases where a landlord or building manager will flat out refuse to fix or remediate the mold problem even when you have proof. So, if you find yourself in a situation like this, we recommend you get help or seek advice from an attorney who is familiar with state laws about mold. Don’t make any hasty decisions until you know what your legal rights are.

Questions to ask your attorney:

  • What are the laws about mold in a home, apartment, or building
  • Can mold growth be used to break a lease?
  • Does mold growth give you the right to withhold rent?
  • Is your landlord liable for your health problems due to mold exposure?

If your mold dispute goes all the way to the court house, your professional mold testing will back up your claim. If you don’t have those professional results, your claims will not hold up in the court of law. In cases where it’s necessary, an inspector from Morris Environmental Inc. can be an expert witness to discuss their findings.

When or if you find yourself in a dispute with your landlord contact us for a professional mold testing and inspection at 770-546-3998.