Mold in Atlanta Apartment Making Tenant Sick

Mold in Atlanta Apartment Making Tenant Sick

Mold in ApartmentUnfortunately, we see this more often than not. There is another case on the news of mold in an Atlanta apartment that is causing health problems. Recently, WSBTV aired an investigation about mold in the Terraces at Fieldstone Apartments in Rockdale County, GA. A woman claimed that her young son was getting sick and having more problems with his asthma. He went from having minor asthma to sever asthma needing four asthma treatments a day.

The female tenant lived in the apartment for a year with these ongoing health problems. Until one day, she moved the dryer away from the wall and found mold growing all over the wall. After speaking with property management about the problem, nothing was done for several weeks. So, the tenant and her son have moved out of the apartment complex.

We, at Morris Environmental Inc., see this type of situation often. A mold problem that is reported to property management at apartments goes untreated for months. In the cases where they do treat it, they do not treat it correctly. They will often spray the area with bleach and paint over it. This only makes the mold problem worse, not better. And, it will come back within weeks or months.

Toxic mold in apartmentAnother unfortunate problem with finding mold in your apartment is that it will not get you out of paying your rent or your contract. There are currently no laws that deem it okay for a tenant to break their contract because they find mold, even if it is affecting your health. Lesson here is to make sure you go through all the proper steps and seek the advice of an attorney before you stop paying and move away. It would also be smart to gather any medical information you can about the mold affecting your health.

It is common to find mold in apartments that are below ground level. The humidity in these units can be higher than above ground units. Although there are strict guidelines for waterproofing below ground units, it does not always prevent water seepage, which will cause mold problems. Mold just needs moisture and warm air to grow.

Molds will affect every person in a different way. It does not have to be toxic mold or black mold to cause problems. Most molds at high levels will cause allergic reactions. And, like most allergies, the problems from molds can make your life very uncomfortable. The only way to determine what types of mold you have in your home and what the levels are is by an indoor air quality test. This test should be performed by a licensed and certified mold consulting company like Morris Environmental Inc. They will collect air samples, analyze the results and let you know what it all means. Mold can be a big concern and turn into a large problem, so don’t delay. If you think you have a mold problem, contact Morris Environmental Inc. at 770-546-3998 to schedule an appointment today.