Mold Causing Hair Loss – Mold Testing & Inspections

Mold Causing Hair Loss – Mold Testing & Inspections

mold testing and hair lossMold testing should be considered if you think mold is causing hair loss for you or a family member or someone you know. Many people don’t realize that mold can cause many health issues from allergies to hair loss and even death if exposed to it for too long. Mold can actually cause an allergic reaction in humans that will cause hair loss. Women and children are not exempt from hair loss caused by mold. If you think mold is the problem, you should consider mold testing from a professional mold testing and inspection company like Morris Environmental Inc. serving Metro Atlanta.

How does mold cause hair loss?

Your hair roots are fed and nourished from the small blood vessels that are known as capillaries. Once the blood flow to these roots are disturbed, the hair can break or fall out completely.

Mold testing and hair lossAs you breathe in mold spores, they can trigger allergic reactions in certain people. Some people may not have any reaction to mold unless it is in extreme amounts. However, for those who are more sensitive to mold, the spores can really inhibit your immune system. Mold exposure can create the chemical histamine, which will cause inflammation and disrupt the blood flow that your capillaries need. Hairs that don’t get this constant flow of blood can experience hair loss.

Getting professional mold testing can tell you if you are exposed to mold and it will also tell you what types of mold you are breathing in. This information can be a huge benefit to those who are experiencing health issues and don’t know why.

Hair loss treatment

You can treat hair loss caused by mold. If you think your hair loss is being caused by mold exposure, first get mold testing to find out for sure. Next you need to have professional mold removal performed. Once you have mold remediation performed, you should have another mold testing sample taken to make sure it was remediated properly. If there is still mold, have the company come back and do it again and again until it is done right.

Proper mold remediation will include the use of HEPA vacuuming, air scrubbers, quarantining the area, PPE, respirators and much more. The goal is to contain the mold to the area it is already in while cleaning it so it does not spread to other parts of the property. It is also highly recommended to have your AC / heating unit and ducts cleaned professionally.

Once the mold has been completely removed you should talk to your doctor about the hair loss. Your doctor will be able to prescribe an anti-fungal treatment that will kill the fungus and allow your blood flow to reach your hair roots once again. Some of those medications will also include the use of nasal sprays, creams and oral medications. More treatments will include include miconazole and terbinafine which are applied directly to the skin to kill the fungus. Once again, mold testing should be considered if you think your hair loss is from mold exposure.

Can hair grow back from mold related hair loss?

Yes, hair loss that was caused by mold exposure can be reversed. However, the re-growth process could be slow depending on how fast your hair grows. The hair will grow back in every case of mold exposure as long as you are no longer being exposed. If, at any time, you feel like your hair is not growing back, speak with your doctor again for a new treatment course. Keep-in-mind, as long as your hair follicles have not died, you can re-grow hair. Dormant hair follicles can be rejuvenated with proper treatment.

Other allergies that can cause hair loss

Mold is not the only culprit that can cause hair loss. If you are constantly being exposed to something you are allergic to, you can experience hair loss. Are you allergic to pets, chemicals, dust, laundry powders, etc? If so, this could be a factor in why you are losing your hair.

If you suspect mold, consider mold testing first to rule that out before you begin your search as to why you are losing your hair.

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