How to Clean Mold with Bleach?

How to Clean Mold with Bleach?

How to clean mold with bleachNow that is a trick question. Many people think that a quick bleach cleaning will take care of all their mold problems. However, they do not realize they are making the problem much bigger by using bleach and other chemicals. Once you touch the mold or spray the mold, it becomes airborne and can start causing you and your family to have health problems that range from slight allergies to severe lung damage. Therefore, we have a quick guide for how to clean up mold properly.

You should always have your home tested for mold before you begin mold remediation. First and foremost, it is important to let a professional remediation company remediate your mold problem. They have all the necessary equipment and tools needed to properly remediate the mold so it does not spread to other areas of the property. But, if you are unable to get professional mold remediation because of the price, you can give it a try yourself. Here’s what you need to do to get the job done right. Note: these instructions are not meant for professional mold remediation.

Equipment and Tools Needed to Remediate Mold

Industrial size hepa filter machine

Professional grade respirator

Hazmat suite

Plastic sheets

Adhesive Zipper


Razor knife





Thick garbage bags of 4 to 6 mil


  1. Put on your professional grade respirator and hazmat suite.
  2. Quarantine the affected areas with plastic and tape. Use the an adhesive zipper to create your entry point to the room. You must close off every doorway, window, air vent.
  3. Set up your industrial size hepa filter machine.
  4. Remove all switch plates from walls in affected room.
  5. Remove trim from walls. If the trim has been painted, you can clean it as long as it has not been exposed to water.
  6. Tear out all drywall and carpet and padding that has visible mold growth. If there is any unpainted drywall, you should also remove it even if you do not see mold growth. Put all drywall and carpet and padding into 4 or 6 mil bags. Tape the top of each bag to seal it properly.
  7. If you have furniture in the room, this should be taken to an outside location and professionally cleaned.
  8. All other non-porous surfaces like wood furniture that has a finish on it can be cleaned with 100% peroxide. This will be hard to find, usually only professional service stores carry the full strength peroxide. Just remember bleach will not clean mold and kill it properly.
  9. Once everything in the room has been cleaned and removed, you can then leave your industrial size hepa filter machine on to clean the air for 24 hours.
  10. Remove your quarantine after 24 hours.

It is extremely important to wear a professional grade respirator and hazmat suite at all times during the quarantine set up and cleanup process. You may also want to get your air ducts professionally cleaned to ensure there is no mold growth in your duct work.

If you need mold testing in the Metro Atlanta area, call Morris Environmental Inc. at 770-546-3998.