Duluth GA Family Fighting Mold Problems

A Duluth GA family fighting mold problems have been getting sick in their own home for months. The family say it’s not an easy battle and their landlord/apartment manager is not doing much to help fix the problem. They have been unable to use their living room or even eat in their dining room for fear of water and mold falling on them. And, yes this is another Atlanta apartment complex that has mold problems.

Mold problems and toxic exposure After the family called CBS Atlanta news for help, the assigned journalist found that the apartment has suffered a water leak that caused the ceiling to cave in twice in the last two months. The apartment managers only patched the ceiling, but did not dry out the water or fix the real issue. This caused a large wet area to start the mold problems. Mold only needs wet, humid and dark places to really grow by leaps and bounds.

Because the family was getting sick and experiencing rashes, runny nose, sneezing, itching and more, they decided to buy a home test kit to see if there actually was a mold problem from all the moisture. Their results were shocking; however, the home test kit did not tell them if they were really breathing in the mold.

Apartment Mold  ProblemsCBS Atlanta news was kind enough to find someone who would foot the bill for air quality testing to be done since the apartment manager would not move the family to another unit without them signing a one year contract. The inspection of the apartment showed excess moisture in several areas of the apartment and the air quality test showed elevated levels of mold spores where the water damage began.

When mold is involved there is always a liability. We, at Morris Environmental Inc. just do not understand why apartment managers don’t do a better job and fix the problem before it is too severe. Mold exposure will not affect two people the same. Each person exposed to mold will have different symptoms depending on their sensitivity to the mold and what type of mold it is.

In this case of water damage and mold problems, it was recommended that the apartment managers dry out the unit properly and seek professional mold remediation to eliminate all the mold problems. Of course, after CBS Atlanta got involved, the corporate office of Bella Vista said they would do all they can to fix the mold issues immediately.

Unfortunately, it takes the involvement of national media to get things moving when you have mold in your apartment unit in most cases. The apartment manger issued a statement to the media that was full of remorse and stated that the health and wellbeing of their residents are their top priority. However, we find it ironic that they only did this after news media got involved.

If you are like this Duluth family and are worried that you may have a mold problem and need to get help, contact Morris Environmental Inc. at 770-546-3998 for mold testing in any Atlanta Metro area. Your health should be your top priority and we can give you the answers you seek.