Dangers Of Hidden Mold In Your Home

Dangers of Hidden Mold in Your Home

Hidden MoldMold, it can be found everywhere. There is mold outside your home and also within your home. In most cases, mold is not a health problem. However, when it comes to mold inside your house, the real danger lies in what you can’t see if the mold spore levels are high. Some types of molds won’t harm your health, while others can cause serious health problems. Health problems from mold will also range from one person to another. Some people can feel the effects while others won’t be bothered at all, even though they are living in the same house. For instance, Aspergillus, an allergenic mold can cause watery eyes, itching, coughing and sneezing in some people while leaving the rest unbothered. Being exposed to mold for too long can also cause serious health problems. This is why it is important to have your home inspected and tested for hidden mold, especially if you or a family member is experiencing unexplained health complications.

What you need to note is that mold doesn’t necessarily need to be noticeable for it to be harmful. Some types of mold will grow in crawlspaces and behind wallpapers and drywall. If the mold spores find their way into your air, then there is no telling the kind of damage it could do to your health. Trying to test for mold without professional help or without the proper skills is impossible. You and the people living with you will continue inhaling the polluted air for as long as the mold exists in your house.

Health Problems from Hidden Mold

Hidden Mold DangersOne of the most dangerous types of mold is commonly referred to as black mold, also known as Stachybotrys. This toxic mold is known to produce mycotoxins, which is used as a defense mechanism against insects and other types of molds species. The mycotoxins can be harmful to both humans and animals. Studies show that these mycotoxins, when inhaled in large quantities, can cause cancer, internal bleeding, coma and child birth defects among other dangerous illnesses. This goes to show just how dangerous it can be to have mold in your home.

Hidden Mold Dangers

There are many places where mold can grow in your home without your knowledge. It can be found behind furniture, inside air conditioning units and air ducts, beneath carpets and pads, on clothing, behind baseboards, behind ceiling tiles, in insulation and other various areas of your home or business. As long as there is presence of water, mold spores will spread around these surfaces in mass numbers. Most people would never think to look inside places such as the AC units for mold and will continue having the problem for a long time. The only way to find mold if you can’t see it would be to have a certified and licensed mold councilor test for mold.

Some available mold remedies will work well with some type of mold, but will not work as well with others. Many home solutions are just bad for your health. For instance, chlorine bleach mixed with detergent, a common home solution for mold, will release toxic fumes into the air, posing more threat to your health. This will not only have a negative effect on your health, but will also not destroy mold in other hidden spaces in your home.

Atlanta Mold Testing

If you live in Atlanta and think you have a mold problem and want to get rid of the mold completely, you should contact Morris Environmental Inc. for assistance. Unlike the do-it-yourself test kits found in your local department store, Morris Environmental Inc. can determine if you are actually breathing in the mold spores. The home test kits cannot tell you that. Hiring a professional ensures you can get rid of the existing mold problem, and prevent future problems. The equipment used by Morris Environmental Inc. is able to detect even the most buried mold in your home. After careful inspection, our skilled professionals will formulate the best strategy to rid your home of mold. The process is carried out carefully to ensure everyone in your home is left safe from all types of mold.

If you think you have a mold problem, contact Morris Environmental Inc. at 770-546-3998 to schedule an inspection today.