Dangerous Health Effects of Mold Exposure You Need to Know

Dangerous Health Effects of Mold Exposure You Need to Know

The many Dangerous Health Effects of Mold Exposure are important to know to keep you and your family healthy inside your home. As mold experts, Morris Environmental sees the horrible health effects that many molds can cause. Toxic molds and molds that produce Mycotoxins cause an array of health problems for many people. Many molds can cause mild health effects from exposure, such as stuffy nose, hives, sneezing, watery eyes, asthma and more. Dangerous health effects of mold exposure can include brain lesions, neurological damage, stomach lining infections, eye infections, pulmonary complications and even death.

I recently came across an article in the June 2017 Issue of Oprah Magazine about a woman who had suffered for many years with an unexplained illness. The article shows just how dangerous health effects of mold exposure can really be. When Julie Rehmeyer’s body began to shut down in 2006, no one, not even the doctors thought of mold.  Eleven years later, many doctors still don’t know all they should about the signs and symptoms of mold exposure.

Dangerous health effects of mold exposureAfter waking up semiparalyzed in 2006, Julie’s long journey was just beginning.  Julie’s journey took her seven years to find out what was really happening after doctors left her with no hope. Most every day Julie would wake up feeling extremely tired, even after a full night of sleep. Her brain felt foggy most of the time and her bones hurt in every limb of her body. Dangerous health effects of mold exposure were never even considered.

Julie was originally told she was under too much stress. After no medications were giving her relief from her stress, she sought out a neurologist. She was tested for Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Lou Gehrig’s disease, only to find out it was none. The neurologist diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue. Her semiparalyzed body was completely ignored since all tests came back ok.

Julie’s Journey Continues

Poor Julie got so desperate at one point that tried many medical alternatives. She took tons of pills that never worked. She tried several different diets to rule out allergies to food. Julie also continued to seek out professional help through acupuncture, chiropractors, and an alternative endocrinologist. She also tried meditation, yoga, swimming and more. Nothing long-term ever helped though.  Of course, we can only imagine the mental tole this was taking on her. Doctors were labeling her crazy but she knew something very bad was wrong.

While on Facebook one day, Julie came across a friends feed with a post about Toxic Mold. And, in the beginning, Julie did not think it was mold because she did not have the common symptoms of allergies or asthma. However, after reading another post from a young man about feeling much better when he was away from mold, she began to look into mold more deeply.  Julie had not put together many links in her life. She would feel horrible at home, but better when away from home, except when she was on her way home again.

After speaking with others in a group she found on Facebook, Julie decided to take their advice and try to rule out mold. Since she never actually saw mold growth, she was hesitant to take it seriously. However, she was so desperate at this point, she decided to give it a try. July went camping in the desert for two weeks where she knew there would be no mold. She bought a new tent, all new clothes and other new supplies. She took nothing from her home except her dog, which she washed thoroughly before putting him in her friends borrowed car. Amazingly, Julie began to feel much better. Most of her symptoms began to go away completely.

Dangerous health effects of mold exposureWhen Julie went back home after her stent in the desert, she immediately started having medical problems once again. She became semiparalyzed after being in her home for just a minute. Julie decided to camp in her yard and stay out of her trailer most of the day. She began to try her own tests. Each day, Julie would go into the trailer for 15 minutes, in which she noticed she was no longer able to walk after that. She would also sit in her car for a few minutes each day only to find that she could barely move her legs afterward.

Because of Julie doing her own tests, she discovered that she was definitely being exposed to mold, she made the big decision to get away from the dangerous health effects of mold exposure. Today, Julie has her life back in control again. She suffers no ill effects of the mold after leaving her home and car behind.

Mold Testing Information

While Julie did not say if she ever discovered what type of mold she was being exposed to, there are tests to find out. An indoor air quality test can tell you exactly what types of mold you are breathing in on a daily basis. You can also have your blood tested to find out what toxic molds or molds that produce mycotoxins are in your system. Medical treatment may be necessary.

Unfortunately, most doctors in 2017 don’t test for mold exposure or even mention it to their patients. Julie’s neurological damage was a direct cause of mold and it was never even considered by the many doctors she visited. So, we can all learn from this telling article by Julie. If your doctors are telling you nothing is wrong with you and you know different, consider mold. A quick, simple air quality test will tell you an abundance of information.