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Morris Environmental is dedicated to helping America breathe easy one property at a time. We offer affordable mold inspections and mold testing that is the perfect tool to help you discover exactly what your property issues may be. There is no need to suffer any longer when we are available to help. And because we are so dedicated to helping you stay healthy, appointments can usually be set within 24 to 48 hours of a quick phone call. Currently certified by the ACAC, ESA, NAMP and more. We have over 15 years of professional experience with testing and inspections for mold and asbestos in and around the Metro Atlanta area.



Mold Testing and inspections in Atlanta GA

We realize there is a large problem when it comes to mold and indoor air quality. Therefore, our number one priority is to help educate people about mold testing and indoor air quality. The truths and myths are what we focus on when it comes to what is harmful to your health. For instance, mold grows in every home and every building across the nation. It is the levels of mold that we are concerned with most. Through air quality testing, we can find out exactly how high the levels of mold are in the air you are breathing within your home. This will determine if your health could be at risk.





Mold testing and mold inspections Atlanta

Our education about mold testing and indoor air quality also helps to teach people that when you see mold you should never touch it or try to clean it without knowing what type of mold you are handling. We cannot see individual mold spores with the naked eye. It is when they grow in the millions of spores and cluster together that we see them. Therefore, when you disturb mold by spraying it and wiping it, it becomes airborne and you then breathe in these mold spores, along with them traveling and settling to other areas of your home. If it was toxic mold, then your health was definitely affected and this could have been avoided by a simple and affordable mold test.




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We are locally owned and operated. We are not an out of town company who hires in-town subcontractors to do our inspections and testing. We have our own staff of trained, certified, licensed and insured inspectors and testers for every property we visit. We are a trusted and reliable source with an excellent customer satisfaction rating.