Frequently Asked Questions

See our Mold Guide for mold descriptions, health effects and mycotoxins produced. 

What causes basement mold?

Basement mold is most often caused by elevated levels of humidity. In some cases, water intrusion is the cause of basement mold. Therefore, basement waterproofing is needed. Keeping your basement healthy and dry is our number one priority. We have all the products and solutions at affordable prices to help you achieve this goal. Whether that be waterproofing from the exterior or from the interior. Our inspectors will give you all the best options for your situation and your budget.

Is Crawlspace Mold Dangerous?

Crawlspace mold can be dangerous if it is toxic mold. 50% of the air inside our homes comes from the crawlspace below. Therefore, if you have mold in your crawlspace, you are most likely breathing in those mold spores too. If you do not have sufficient  ground barrier to prevent excess moisture, mold can begin to grow in your crawlspace. Water intrusion can also cause mold problems.

Morris Environmental has all the products and solutions needed to help you create a clean and dry crawlspace. If you want to know more about our clean, dry, mold free and bug free crawlspace solutions, give us a call for a free inspection.

I See Mold, Can’t I Just Clean it Myself?

No. Never take the chance of causing a much bigger problem. If you see mold, it doesn’t mean that you have elevated levels of airborne mold yet. However, as soon as you spray something on it, or wipe it down, you immediately make it airborne. This will only cause a much bigger issue. And, you don’t know if you are dealing with a toxic mold or mycotoxins. Therefore, be safe and have it tested first. Then, only clean the mold when you have the proper containment put in place and the proper air scrubbing machines to filter the air as you clean. It is very important to get all the mold spores out of the air even if the mold spores are dead. Many people don’t realize that dead mold spores can cause just as many health problems as live mold spores can.

Why is it important to dehumidify your crawlspace?

A crawlspace waterproofing system doesn't mean you now have a dry crawlspace. It is important to use a dehumidifier in your crawlspace to keep humidity levels low during summer months and rainy seasons. Morris Environmental has the perfect dehumidifiers for every crawlspace size and height to keep your humidity within acceptable ranges. This will also keep mold from growing in your crawlspace.

Are Some Molds More Dangerous Than Others?

Yes. While some molds may cause allergic type reactions, there are some molds that you should not expose yourself to at all. Various types of molds cause toxins, called mycotoxins. However, mycotoxins may not develop in every case. Several factors have to be in place for this to occur. But when mycotoxins are present, whether alive or dead, they can cause serious health issues that will need to be treated by a doctor with special medications. Then there is the toxic mold that can be deadly. You should stay away from this mold at all times.

Do I need a dehumidifier in my basement?

It is always recommended to have a dehumidifier in your basement. The standard, store bought, dehumidifiers are just not enough in most situations. Morris Environmental offers a line of dehumidifiers for every size  basement that are also Energy Star rated to help save you money. Keeping the humidity down in your basement will prevent mold from growing there as well. And, our dehumidifiers don't require you to ever empty out a water try. 

I See Mold Growing On Personal Belongings and Furniture. What Can I Save?

In the mold industry, there is a general rule of thumb. Any type of porous surface that has mold growing on it should be discarded / thrown away. This includes drywall, paper products, wicker, unsealed wood, prefabricated wood, electronics, cardboard, leather, mattresses, couches, etc. You can save products like plastics, metals, sealed woods, textiles (clothes, drapes, stuffed animals, etc., must be washed 3x and dried well), hardwoods, stainless steel, etc. These should be cleaned at an off-site location with an antimicrobial agent before returning them to the property.  

I have water coming into my basement where the foundation meets the walls, what do I do?

The water is simply weeping in at the seems of your foundation from hydraulic pressure. This is common when an area has large amounts of rain. This can be easily fixed from the exterior or the interior. Morris Environmental can give you cost effective solutions to your exact problems. Give us a call if you see this happening in your basement.

What is hydrostatic pressure?

Hydrostatic pressure is pressure at foundations due to a direct result of an over-saturated soil around the foundation walls.

Does Morris Environmental fix foundation cracks?

Morris Environmental specializes in foundation crack repairs. If you have a crack in your foundation, give us a call for a free inspection and repair quote. See our quick how to video here for small cracks https://youtu.be/iQjRDvmNvzw.